Smart Class Teaching

Audio Visual teaching is playing a very important role for students. Since past few years, this has facilitated the interactive teaching & learning techniques and has given the opportunity to our students to explore the world of interactive learning. It has several state of art multimedia projectors with many accessories to revolutionize learning at all levels comprehended with the backup of ideas and information.


The House System

The house system has a special relevance to bring in basic values in child like punctuality, sincerity, team- spirit, patience, courage, tolerance, gratitude etc. Students in the school are divided into 4 houses-TAGORE, NEHRU, GANDHI & BOSE which compete amongst themselves in different games and sports & wide variety of other disciplines such as dance, music, debating, quizzing, dramatics, etc. Through these activities, students develop great feeling of loyalty, responsibility and leadership.

Social, Religious and National festivals arc celebrated in our school in order to encourage the students towards festival celebration and motivate them about Indian culture, traditions and religion. As we know that India is a land of races, religion, castes and cultures, let the child know that there is a unity inspite of rich diversity.


Promotion and Progress Report

Promotion is considered on the basis of overall Tests and Examination result. No mid-term promotions are granted.

A failure can be retained in the same class. Any student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the school.


General Instructions

Parents and Guardian will be bound by the school rules and regulations in all respects which may be changed or amended from time to time. In all matters pertaining to studies, examinations and promotion, retention in the same class, behaviour and welfare, the Principal's decision is final and binding on the Parents/Guardians. The school does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise for accidents. If however, takes all necessary steps to prevent such happenings.